Weekly Basketball Update

This page will be updated weekly throughout the basketball season with game outcomes and player spotlights.


2021-22 NHS Boys Varsity Team

2021-22 Girls JV & Varsity Team

(12/10/21)The North High Boys varsity basketball team are starting off the 2021-22 season hot and heavy. The Polar Bears were victorious in their first game against the Tantasqua Warriors this past Friday,12/10/21, with a score of 66-35. Freshman Ty Tables (12 points, 2 rebounds, 1 steal) and sophomore Joe Okla (17 points, 1 block, 3 steals and 7 rebounds) really played an outstanding premiere game that gave the Polar Bears the momentum they needed to secure the win. 

(12/14/21)The team also received their second win of the season over Wachusett, 55-50, a win they earned in overtime. Ty Tables (16 points), Joe Okla (17 points), and Oscar Pizarro (18 points) contributed heavily to the win over the Mountaineers.  

(12/29/21) The North High Polar Bears suffered their first lost this season to Franklin knocking them out of the Holiday Hoopla Tournament at Framingham High. Joe Okla (14 points) and Ty Tables (10 points) played hard in attempts to win the game.

(1/4/22) The team played an outstanding game for the Inter-High opener against Doherty High. Ty Tabales (14 points), Joe Okla (13) and Oscar Pizarro (11) were on point resulting in the Polar Bears recieving their 3rd win. The final score of the game was  60-34.

(1/8/22) The Polar Bears recieved their 4th win of the season bringing their record to 4-1 and 2-0 (Inter-High) as they outperfomed the Burncoat Patriots 83-55. Joe Olka (18 points), Ty Tables (23 points), Oscar Pizarro (15 points), and Jaydon Sarkodie (10 points) really were the key elements to North’s offense this game.

(1/13/22) The team played Main South with a resulting score of 78-41. Ty Tabales (17 points), Joe Okla (14), Jensen Landrau (11) and Nathaniel Rodriguez (10) pushed the Polar Bears to a now 5-1 record.

(1/14/22)  North was victorious yet again against South High with an ending score of 67-27, a 40 point difference. Joe Okla led the offense with the most points, 17, while Ty Tables and Oscar Pizarro assisted with 12 points each. Joe Okla caught an electriftying ally-oop dunk off a nice pass from Ty Tables.

(1/19/22) The Polar Bears have brought their record to an astonishing 7-1 (4-0 Inter-High) as they came out with the win against Commerce. Oscar Pizarro scored 17 points, and Ty Tabales and Joe Okla each scored 11 points. The North High Polar Bears are the top ranked team in the Inter-High division.

(1/21/22) North High had an Inter-High match up against Doherty where they came out with the win, 74-48. Freshman Ty Tables had an incredible game where he led all scorers with 28 points. Carls-Hen Beliard and Joe Okla assited with 12 points each.

(1/25/22) The Polar Bears played another Inter-High game against Burncoat where they were dominant allowing them to win with a score of 71-48. Joe Okla scored a game-high 23 points, teammates Ty Tabales (14 points), Oscar Pizarro (13) and Teshawn Steele (10) also assisted in the win.

(1/26/22) The team had a great matchup against St Pauls where they defeated them with a score of 51-43. Oscar Pizarro scored 19 points and and Joe Okla assisted with 10 points which led the Polar Bears to victory.

(1/28/22) North played an amazing game against Main South where their defense was a key factor bringing in the win with an ending score of 61-13. Jaydon Sarkodie was the leading scorer of the game with 16 points and Ty Tables chipped in with 9 points of his own. This win brings the Polar Bears season record to 11-1 (7-0 Inter-High).

(2/1/22) The Polar Bears matched up with their Inter-High rival, South High for the second time this season. Joe Okla (19 points), Ty Tables (15 points), and Oscar Pizarro (15 points) were the key to Norths offense as they defeated South 70-41 allowing North to gain their 10th straight victory in a row.

(2/3/33) North played an intense game against the Leominster Blue Devils. Freshman Ty Tabales had 22 points and played a cluth 4th quarter with 5 points and an assist allowing North to go on an 11-2 run. Oscar Pizarro (19 points) and Joe Okla (13 points) assisted in the win with a final score of 58-52.

(2/5/22) The Polar Bears had an amazing win over St. Pauls with a final score of 64-37. Oscar Pizarro scored 17 points and Joe Okla assisted with 15 points of his own. This win brings North to a 14-1 record and their 12th victory in a row.

(2/10/22) North matched up against the Shrewsbury Colonials at home this thursday.  Joe Okla netted 16 points, Oscar pizarro brought in 15 points of his own and Ty Tabales had 11 points which led the Polar Bears to a 25 point win over Shrewsbury. Final score, 70-45.

(2/15/22) The Polar Bears played a great game against Bartlett. Senior Oscar Pizarro truly played an amazing game where he scored 29 points. Ty Tabales assisted with 18 points of his own which led North to a 93-59 victory.

(2/17/22) North added to their streak by winning their 15th game in a row and also knocking St. Johns out of the playoffs. Ty Tabales had 5-3PM and 23 points. North finished the regular season with an astonishing 17-1 record.

(2/19/22) The Polar Bears advanced to the second round of the City Tournament as they defeated South for the 3rd time this season. Freshman Ty Tabales had 6-3PM and 27 points, Oscar Pizarro brought in 19 points of his own, and Joe Okla had 17 points. Final score 77-49.

(2/21/22)North High advanced to the finals of th T&G Hometeam Worcester City Boys’ Basketball Tournament. North outplayed Natick in their semi-final matchup with an ending score of 63-53. Ty Tabales scored 22 points, 14 of which he scored in the third quarter, and Oscar Pizarro assisted with 21 points of his own.

(2/24/22) The Polar Bears suffered a close game lost to Franklin during the finals game of the City Tournament. The game was everything you expect from a Finals game, intense game, loud crowd, and excitement. It was a close game through all 4 quarters but unfortuanely Franklin came out on top with a score of 39-41. Ty Tabales had 16 points and Oscar Pizarro had 11.

(3/4/22) North High knocked out Everett, 17th ranked in Division 1 in the firsr round of the Division 1 State Tournament. Oscar Pizarro played an all around amazing game as he brought in 19 points, 3 rebounds, 7 assists, 6 steals, and a block . Ty Tabales had 17 points of his own and Joe Okla assisted with 16 points and 12 rebounds. North continues to the “Sweet 16” and will battle their way into the “Elite 8” against the no. 1 ranked Boston College High this Tuesday, 3/8/22.

(3/8/22) North suffered a devastating lost as they were knocked out the playoffs by top ranked Boston College High. North kept a close score game until midway through the second quarter when senior guard Oscar Pizarro was fouled out. The Polar Bears tried their hardest to continue to compete but in the end BC High came out witht the win. The Polar Bears played a fantastic season and made North High proud. The team will be back again next year in hopes of winning the State Championship.