Trying to be stress free

Trying to be stress-free is one of the best things a student can do for themselves, let me tell you why. For one, stress can be damaging to our still-developing brains. It can disrupt synapse regulation, resulting in the loss of sociability and the avoidance of interactions with others. Stress can kill brain cells and even reduce the size of the brain. Which for a student in high school could be seriously dangerous.

Furthermore, being stress-free can have so many pros during our years in high school like sleeping better, getting sick less often, having less mental tension, being in a better mood not to mention you are going to be a better person in general and these are facts from These have all been proven and I have seen it so many times with friends and family of mine. Especially me. I get stressed all of the time, like a normal student in high school, right? So I get it. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by so much work and so much responsibility at home and at school. That’s all stemming from trying to be “perfect”- you know that’s where some stress strives from trying to be perfect all the time. ¨perfectionism becomes overbearing or overwhelming, it can lead to burnout. Burnout is completely mental and physical exhaustion. It often occurs after a prolonged period of stress. Striving for perfection can be highly stressful, and it can trigger burnout.¨ That quote from “good therapy” is so accurate for all of us, you’d be surprised how many people at north high strive to be perfect. You know the “perfect outfit,” “the perfect phone,” “the perfect grades.”

Sometimes I wish teachers would address something like this to students to let them know they understand and are there to help. What I believe the school system should do to help is to have school start at a later time. Not only would it give all of us more sleep, but it would also maybe keep us more focused on school. ¨ Later school start times support the biological needs of adolescents; they increase the number of sleep adolescents get. Other benefits of later start times include Improved attendance at school” ( and so many people would agree the brain isn’t awake, which is true the human brain learns more effectively in the evening.

Stress is caused by many things from trying to be perfect or trying to fix everything that you can’t fix but hey this is an article about being stress-free I’ll be honest I’m still working on that and that’s what we should all do try, that’s how I maintain it as a senior and as a daughter, sister, friend, I try and what I mean by that is taking a break which is another thing the school system should work on allowing students to take a break during the class hours, it would make students focus more add more trust between student and teacher. During those breaks students should be allowed to go on their phones too, why well ¨Clinical Psychological Science suggests playing the science-based app on a smartphone for 25 minutes can reduce levels of anxiety in people who are stressed” and that was proven by and it doesn’t even need to be 25 minutes it could be 10 or 2 minutes. A break is a break ¨ Short brain breaks during work time have been shown to have real benefits. They reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration. And they can help kids focus and be more productive. Brain breaks can also help kids learn to self-regulate and be more aware of when they’re getting fed up or losing track of what they’re doing” (    

All the research I’ve found were credible sources which I find funny. Why? , well it’s been a fact it’s sad it had to be proven when people were saying these types of things. I’m highly sure no one has read these articles I’ve mentioned in my article. I’ve heard since middle school these students have been expressing these feelings for a while and all these articles are proving it and nothing has changed you’d think those articles would amplify their voice but of course not. students would never be heard and that’s exactly why these kids rebelled so much they’re being told what to do all the time at school trust me you can’t tell a fourteen or thirteen-year-old nothing, I would know I live with one and once you tell him to do something over and over and over because he doesn’t do it the first time he gets upset and he feels like he’s being attacked for some reason then throws a fir. sounds familiar doesn’t it? sounds like all the freshmen and sophomores and sad to say and a handful of seniors. If the students and their stress-free break time I’m 100% sure all of that would go away within two months. During those two months, bonds would be created between students and teachers. Like I said in my kindness around the corner article, creating bonds with teachers will help in their senior year. 

I truly hope this article connects with all the students who are reading this. I want your voices to be amplified by this article. I want you to be heard by the Worcester public school system and by many others. It’s what we all deserve. Think about it, we have all been through it all from dealing with an extremely deadly virus that killed more people than the great depression. Think about that and then we’re back in school expected to just be fine and dandy like nothing happened. which is so far from the truth half of us are still extremely affected by it all that stress deserves a mental break.

After you’re done reading just try to be as stress-free as you can be. Think ahead. Just know stress comes and goes. talking to someone about don’t hold it in it would make it so much worse. If we don’t let this out or deal with it in some way, this constant tension and stress on the muscles of the body can lead to misalignments, poor posture, pain, chronic pain, headaches.  I hope this article helps you, the readers, in any way. show it to others let other people know they’re not alone and someone is trying to make a difference for them, for them all. I’m going to let everyone know that I’m trying to make school stress-free, cause you never know what a student might be going through, so I hope by this article, I could make it a bit easier for them.