Spirit Week

We, from the Entertainment team, surveyed 105 students at the North High School about spirit week, and these are the results: 

  • 31% were Freshmen
  • 23% were Sophomores 
  • 12% were Juniors
  • 33% were Seniors 


  • About 90% of the school said they would be participating in the spirit week. Among them:
    • 51 Students reported participating in Culture day (Monday)
    • 45 Students would be participating in Throwback Tuesday 
    • 55 Students for Character day (Wednesday) 
    • And 90 students would be participating in Color Wars (Thursday)


  •  We also asked the students if they could add a theme, what would they wanted to be added, these were the answers that stood out:
    • “Pajama Day”
    • “Switch gender Day”
    • “Senior citizen Day”
    • “Career Day”
    • “Blackout Day”


  • 30% of the students reported not liking the colors their grades represent
  • 95% of the students agree that teachers should participate in Spirit week
  • 86 students said they were excited for a pep rally 
  • Only 25 students said they would be going to the homecoming game, and 66 students said they might go. 


North High school has a good school spirit, next time we all hope a few changes are made to make this amazing week more enjoyable and fun for those who decide to participate in it.