The champions league this year has been great. Since they are very competitive teams with very valuable players the champions are already on the sixth date of the championship. Several teams are favorited to be the maximum champion of the tournament.

So far this season one of the teams favorited  to win the champions league is Liverpool. They are having a great season this year with good quality players like Salah, Thiago. They hope to reach the championship finals and be able to win the tournament. Theres also Bayern Munchen who won the cup last year and now hopes to keep the cup at home by winning the tournament again. 

 Ajax is having a good season as well and hopes to reach the finals and fight for the cup. Real Madrid and Barcelona are currently not playing very well but they are teams that can be expected to have a comeback during the tournament and that have always been the favorited to win, because they contain good players. P.S.G had many new hires this year that gives them hopes to win the champions league. Messi, Neymar, and Mpabbe are also fighting for the cup as past years they’ve come very close, but unfortunately haven’t had success they hope to achieve it this year. 

The tournament is currently on the 4th date. There are 2 games left to finish the group stage, and of the 4 teams that are in only 2 teams will be able to qualify for the eighth finals. currently the teams are giving their all to advance to the eighth finals.

On Tuesday 02/11/21 the fourth round of the champions league was played and these were some of the results.

Bayern Munchen continues to maintain its good streak by winning the match against Benfica. Barcelona, despite not having a good season, came out with the win against Dynamo Kyiv. Atalanta received  a draw against Manchester United. Juventus manages to secure a great victory against Zenit. These were the most exciting matches of the event.

On Wednesday 03/11/21 the fourth round of the champions league was played and these were some of the results.



Real Madrid managed to win against Shaktar by a 1 goal difference, but with this victory they continue their several game win streak. Another game that gave us high expectations was Dortmund vs Ajax, unfortunately Dortmund could not get the result they expected. Ajax was more forceful and took advantage of the opportunities he had, and managed to score 3 goals.


Psg could not get the victory against a Leipzig who had a great game and who fought until the end to tie the game. Liverpool, which is having a magnificent season, won against Atletico Madrid with a score of 2-0. Manchester City was able to achieve victory  of 4-1 at home against Club Brugge, a team that is not having a good season. 

With the results of the 4th date, the scorers table has been updated, and in the first place we have Robert Lewandowski with 8 goals. Lewandowski is a great player and is having a magnificent season. Another great player to keep an eye on is Sebastian Haller of Ajax with 7 goals.