Players to watch – Episode 1 – Karim Adeyemi

Karim Adeyemi, 19 Years old born in Munich, Germany. HIs mother from Romania and his father from Nigeria, during his youth career he use to play for the Bayern Munich U9 & U10 Academy & Has represented Germany on every youth level From U16 until the Senior National team and is worth an Apporximately $40 Million Euros. The top teams that are the most interested in signing him at this current moment are Napoli, Dortmund, Arsenal, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus while Liverpool is entering the race to sign him, Right now he’s playing fr the Austrian Club named RB Salzburg who in recent times have been over achieving in the Champions League and is also the first Austrian team to reach the Round of 16 as well and is ranked the #1 player in the Austrian Bundesliga and is currently the Top 10 best players in Germany at the moment according to