Classes in WPS

Classes in WPS

Diamanda Varcos (Alias) is a bright student whose grades don’t always reflect her intellect.  Each day, she cycles through classes that are supposed to help her future- yet she spends much of the day watching tik-tok videos and finding ways to do as little work as possible. When asked, she will say that she knows that these classes can help her- yet finds it hard to focus. Education is important to society and our everyday life. When you go to school you get a chance to improve the economy of where you are and also develop better problem-solving abilities. When looking into the history of our classes it is hard to miss how important the basics of our core classes are- but how the lack of choice can sometimes make it hard for students to buy-in.

         Different school systems have different varieties of core classes, but they’re usually the same. Our district’s core classes are English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education.

         Let’s start with English. If you didn’t know English you wouldn’t be reading this article right? And yes there can be translations but English is a very important language to learn and study. Whether you’re a public speaker, or just writing an email to your boss, English class allows you to command the language appropriately and provides students with critical thinking skills necessary for many jobs.  

         With math, it comes more with critical thinking and learning how to deal with tough problems and patterns and less of the way a math problem is solved unless going into a career where math is critical which many jobs do have considering our current time as well as the future. Math builds strong thinking and can train the brain if taught well, and it also helps with that more of our older grades that they can choose what kind of math path they can take and pick whatever is closest to their future career, for example, someone going into computer science can take calculus classes or someone going into business would take an AP statistics class.  Now science it’s somewhat similar to math in building critical thinking, but it also gives you knowledge of your body and can help you in the future if anything bad would have happened to your body, or just help you get a better understanding of it overall. 

         Next with social studies, it can be pretty self-explainable, but I’ll still explain it. We never want history to repeat itself, especially since so many bad things have happened. Social studies are critical for teaching everyone about the past and the horrors that some of our ancestors went through. And last but not least we have physical education. Throughout the years as we get more into the future and more on working with technology we can agree that the normal amount of exercise children and teens should be getting just isn’t enough for some, which also includes the increase of obesity in our younger generations. The requirement of physical education is important here to try and get more students to get more physical.

         In the Worcester school system, we have multiple programs that are offered to high school students. Some schools including North High School (NHS), Worcester Technical High School, and South High School (SHS) offer their upperclassmen the chance to be in Internship Programs that allow students the ability to work and observe professionals, along with getting the chance to get real-life experiences with patients and clients.


There are only very few schools in Worcester that offer the ALP program which stands for Art Learning Pathway for students. The Pathway consists of three schools that offer comprehensive arts education: Worcester Arts Magnet School (WAMS), Burncoat Middle School (BMS), and Burncoat High School (BHS). It was said that when in these certain schools their core classes there was large gains in the number of students passing their classes.


         When Interviewing the Super Intendent Mrs. Binienda we were able to learn about multiple different topics that the school board does to create our schedules and determine the classes offered. When asked about what classes are offered at what school and how it is decided, she explained that “All high schools have the same core selection sheet. Based on the school will give you others special classes depending on their curriculum the school board gives them.” Some other things asked was How does a student’s schedule get made. Binienda responded by saying it was done on sage for now and they will be moving over to a new system called Infinite Campus, It is a master schedule and also is decided by principles and other people in the school committee. Worcester Public Schools do have strict guidelines that are used in these decisions and some questions were not answered to full, yet the information that was given gives enough information. As to the future of North High School, there is no clear outline of what is going to happen with our classes.

        College and high school can be very different from each other and I’m not in college yet, for now, I got only gotten some help from a few college friends of mine. Now out of the few differences, they did tell me freedom was the most mentioned. They all explained that the best and most obvious difference is the freedom that you gain once you hit college. Whether it be just having a larger selection of different classes to just what time you’ll be waking up for the said classes, and there’s also a variety of classes that focuses on group work so you can pick your poison on everything you would like to study (aside from your core classes of course). Another difference is the respect that professors give compared to high school teachers. They explained that even some of their professors are more laid back than high school teachers and that having to talk about strict outcomes and getting work in on time is more laid back.