Why is it so cold at North High? Why is it so hot at North High? An HVAC system is what controls all the heat and conditioning systems in a building. Many of the students here always wonder why. So our journalism group wants to investigate a person from WPS who works with all schools’ HVAC systems. Our group wanted to write this because we were always talking about how cold it is in our journalism class. It was time to investigate the whys and hows of this recurring issue.  Our group feels as if the heating system doesn’t even work but after interviewing the head of facilities for the Worcester Public Schools, James Bedard, we learned a great deal about the problems facing our heating system. Mr. Bedard left a very good impression on our group. James said he’s been working for WPS for 15 years and he loves it. He’s the supervisor of the facilities department and he knows everything. 


He spoke about how all WPS HVAC systems are different. When he describes the North HVAC system he states that “North has rooftop units. It takes outside air and brings it in from the atmosphere and it tempers”. If certain rooms are cold and can’t be tempered correctly, that means something is wrong and needs to be fixed. 

Why are some classes hot and other classes cold? They have two things, one of them is the right balance of the building. When they build a building they balance out the temperatures and all the different rooms across the big building and try to get everything consistent. But North High is different,  it is rebalancing as things are moving and equipment is on and turning off and dampers are moving open and closed. The second part is a mechanical failure in which things break and normally the team of James Bedard replaces parts. To get a valve to fix a room could take two or three days or even weeks to get. For example, North High building is due for rebalancing to try to equal all that out it was when it was built.  James Bedard was kind enough to give us a lot of information about the heating system. On how it works and when you can tell if it’s broken or not.