Texas Laws Try To Separate Transgender Kids From Their Parents For Trying To Provide Them With Neccesary Medical Care.


Texas is back at it again with their unethical laws, something that they have been famous for recently, but instead of trying to force women to give birth, they are now sending state welfare officials to launch child abuse investigations into homes of parents trying to  provide their transgender & gender nonconforming kids with gender-affirming care. 


Gender-affirming care is ideal medical, surgical and mental health services sought by transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people. This health care is pivotal to their sense of identity — and their mental health.


Now, after hearing that definition you’re probably thinking, How is that child abuse? Well IT’S NOT and that’s the problem. The person you can thank for this is Governor Greg Abbot. Abbott’s directive followed a nonbinding legal opinion from Attorney General Ken Paxton that said gender-affirming care constitutes child abuse. It  has also been instructed to all teachers, doctors and caregivers to start reporting any trans/gender nonconforming kids they see so family and protective services can begin to investigate and prosecute their parents as child abusers. The letter “ provides criminal penalties for failure to report such child abuse.”  (Texas DFPS Texas Department Of Family Protective Services). 


They state gender-affirming care such as gender-affirming therapy, puberty blockers (Which are completely reversible) and body modification surgery are all forms of child abuse towards their trans children. Body modification surgeries would rarely ever be performed on a child under the age of 18, because that is a type of gender affirming care done for people who are of legal age.  Experts say under the gender-affirming model of care, underage trans & gender nonconforming childrens care is spent mostly on allowing kids to socially transition instead of focusing on medical treatment.


Many of these treatments are misunderstood in conservative and liberal circles. Gender affirming therapy, for example, is a  therapeutic approach that’s prime focus is on affirming a patient’s gender identity and trying not to “fix” it.  Many transgender and gender non conforming people suffer with mental health issues such as Truama, Depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. Society makes it hard for them to thrive and be their true self due to people being actively violent towards them and bullying them to feel ashamed of who they are. Gender affirming therapy gives them a safe space to deal with these everyday pressures and accept who they are inside and out.


Puberty Blockers: The effects of puberty blockers are physically reversible. Puberty blockers are medications that repress puberty by holding back the production of estrogen or testosterone. They can stop transgender kids from encountering the effects of puberty that may not align with their gender identities such as to prevent the development of breasts, facial hair, and periods. Blockers can alleviate distress in trans youth and make them feel more comfortable with themselves and their appearance, as well as decrease the likelihood of depression and self harm. Transgender youth are not the only ones who take puberty blockers, it is common that healthcare professionals also prescribe puberty blockers to children who are experiencing precocious puberty. (A condition where children aged 1–9 years old experience an early onset of puberty and their body begins changing into that of an adult too soon). So why is it considered child abuse if it is provided for a trans child? 


Don’t think the south is the only one with simpleminded individuals wasting up our oxygen. Texas is always put on blast for this type of dead-brain thinking, which rightfully so of course! But no one is sending heat towards New Hampshire where they are also trying to pass this atrocious law. The bill, House Bill 68, considers any minor “subjected to drug treatments or surgery in an attempt to alter the sex of the child assigned at birth” to be an “abused child” in the eyes of the law. Again it is exceptionally rare that any minor would be aloud by a healthcare professional to go under surgery for sex reasignment anyways. Making these laws mostly about drug treatments which as stated before are harmless and reversible. 

Trying to push these laws is not only wrong but also detrimental to the physical and mental health of transgender and gender nonconforming youth. At the end of the day we want our children to be and feel safe and happy no matter how they identify but these dastardly laws won’t under any circumstances permit that to happen. Transgender and nonconforming children need these treatments for their own health and well being and taking away this care for them is groundless. Gender -affirming care is NOT child abuse.