Superintendent Interview Report

On February 18, 2022 students in Mr. Honsantners Period 3 Journalism class were given the opportunity to interview the superintendent of the Worcester public schools Ms. Maureen Binienda. There were at least about three groups of students who were able to interview her and have a great discussion within the limited time frame. This article is a report on the different interviews and topics discussed.


The first group I interviewed had no more questions for her, they were satisfied and able to discuss their topics of interest in the given time. Since they are writing their investigative article on snow days, two-hour delays, and the major procedures behind the scenes,  the superintendent was one of their main sources of information and this interview gave them great insight into their topic as well as a very credible source of information.

Things they learned from the interview included how the superintendent sends drivers and custodians around the city streets and parking lots after terrible weather conditions to verify whether or not it is safe for children to go to school. Another topic of discussion was whether or not there’s a vote or a request for approval involved in the declaring of delays or cancellation of schools for the day. The group’s members stated “It was comfortable talking to her. She was easy to talk to. She seemed knowledgeable about the topics. We mostly talked about snow days, two-hour delays, and school cancellations and the processes that go into them.” “I think my investigative article is going pretty solid, at times it can be difficult but otherwise it’s not going too bad ” 


The second interview I conducted consisted of only one person, whose topic was something she could personally relate to. Her topic pertained to new Brasilian students in the Worcester Public Schools and how it feels to be a new student from a whole different country. Her review of her interview with the superintendent seemed to go quite well, “It was an interesting experience to talk with someone who has such an influence as her, about a topic that should be given more attention. In my opinion, she was very attentive to my questions and tried to answer everything to the best of her ability. She had an in-depth point of view on my topic which was about the growing population of Brasilians in the Worcester Public Schools. We mostly talked about what the district has been doing for these students, with regards to welcoming them, making them feel more comfortable with the new setting and culture, and also adapting to the new school system and to the new language.”

In the last interview, the group discussed with the superintendent regarding what goes into the proccess of scheduling and how Worcester Public School students’ classes are picked. This group seemed to have learned a lot of new information from their interview, “It was good and informative. I was nervous but also confident with my questions. She Seemed confident/self-insured. She seemed to know what I was asking and gave insight on the topic. My questions and our discussion did help me in my article since they were based on my main topic which is how our classes are made. I learned about the master schedule the school board uses in order to choose classes that students are able to take in school. I think I got enough information that I needed, I also got more information than I initially did not know I needed. I do not need more interviewees for my current article since I was able to get all the information I needed, plus more, I do not have any more questions for her.”


Every group I interviewed appeared to have a positive impression of the superintendent of the Worcester Public Schools. They were able to get all the information they needed for their respective investigative articles and they also felt asthough she really cared about their topics. It’s great to see that we have personable and caring figures who work for our city and our kids.