should zoos be banned?

For starters, I personally hate zoos if the animals are not injured. I think zoos are just taking in animals from the wild and using them for money. I love animals and to see these wild animals be taken from their habitat just for views and keeping them in these small fake enclosures is sick. These people are taking away their freedom and natural instincts to hunt and survive and instead they are getting fed on a scheduled time with barely any room to run around.


 Zoos are also breeding these animals inhumanely. They’re taking these animals to breed them for money to then sell to other zoos making them grow up in an enclosure that takes away their freedom. Zoos do not effectively help animals get back into the wild. They take animals with the littlest injuries and say they need to be kept there in the zoo to “recover”. They do not provide enough resources for the animals in their care. 


Roadside zoos

The animals frequently live in small, dirty cages. They are fed inadequate food, and are denied medical care. They have little in the way of mental stimulation — often, not even the company of other animals, since many roadside zoos keep animals confined alone in their cages.

  • Animals Suffer in Captivity
  • Many Zoos Fail to Provide Even a Minimum Standard of Care
  • Animals Are Taken From Their Homes
  • All the Cages in the World Won’t Stop Animals From Going Extinct
  • Healthy Animals Are Killed
  • Animals Are Trained to Perform Tricks


Humans do not have the right to capture animals, tear them from their families and jail them, even if the animal is endangered! These animals are being abused and not given enough exercise and are suffering from stress and depression. Many of these animals die prematurely because of the poor diet and living conditions. It’s estimated that in zoos,parks, and aquariums, 75% of them have been abusing animals. These enclosures are just for profit.


I think what should happen instead is leaving these animals alone. People and animals get injured, eat, die, etc.. a certain way and to take these wild animals away from their natural habitats and take away how they eat and live needs to end. Wild animals kept in these places need to be stopped. If humans truly need to take care of these animals I think they need a more wildlife enclosure.