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   Minecraft Live News 


In recent gaming news, Minecraft live came out on October 15 On Saturday at 11 Am. In This live stream, Minecraft happened to be going over the newest updates to Minecraft, and the Minecraft Live Mob vote where out of 3 only one comes into Minecraft. For those who don’t know Minecraft is a game where you build and survive in a game or just play creatively and have fun.

The Rascal

The Three mobs that are up to be voted in Minecraft the Sniffer the Rascal and the Tuff Golem. The Sniffer is an accident mob that comes from eggs It sniffs out new plants from the ground if this mob gets voted into Minecraft it will come with a lot of new plant life for your Minecraft world. The Next Mob is the Rascal it’s not a hostile mob the is very mysterious and it loves playing hide and seeks in caves where they spawn if you find these mobs 3 times they will give you a gift from what we know currently it is enchanted pickaxes and enchanted shovels. The Final Mob vote mob is The Tuff Golem it is a statue that comes alive they can hold every item you want and move them around your base. The Votes started October 14 at Noon then you had 14 hours to vote for the mob you want to have in Minecraft. The Winner of Minecraft live was the Sniffer had over half the votes cause of its popularity with the Minecraft community.

The Sniffer

In the next update of Minecraft 1.20, we are getting a new wood made of bamboo this wood also adds some epic-looking blocks alongside the bamboo raft we also got hanging signs a create decoration blocks for those who want to add detail to their builds. We also have gotten a new type of bookshelf that you can have up to 6 books inside of it these books can activate Redstone to create amazing Redstone creations as the final thing being added we are getting a new desert mob the camel this mob eats cactus and two people can ride on it instead of one unlike the normal horses and donkeys they are a little slower than them but they have a cool sliding mechanic so you can get over ravine and river the main enemy to horses and other rideable mobs all these updates will be out for testing within the next 3 days.

The Tuff Golem

Mojang has yet to give this update a name yet because more will be coming in the future. The reason is that they don’t get overwhelmed as they are making updates so they don’t promise more than they can handle like what they did last year. This Minecraft update will come out during the summer when more stuff gets revealed I will make sure you are updated.