November Anime News:


New anime blowing up in Popularity CHAINSAW MAN biggest anime at the moment 

One of the newest animes that has been released lately has been blowing up with people enjoying it across the world the anime is called Chainsaw man. Chainsaw Man follows the story of Denji an impoverished young man who makes a contract that fuses his body with that of a dog-like devil named Pochita, granting him the ability to transform parts of his body into chainsaws. Denji and his father are two peoples that are put into an enormous debt by a mafia boss. His faManga Coverther later passed away due to hard-working in finding the money and he left Denji alone with no words or notes of saying goodbye or taking care of him. The mafia boss warned Denji that he must collect the debt or end up with the same faith as his father. The debt was so severe that Denji has to sell his right eye and his kidneys to offload it even if it wasn’t enough. Denji now After meeting Pochita, he becomes a Devil Hunter for the Yakuza in an attempt to clear his debt. Denji is a young man who wants to live a simple life to its fullest. He is childish and uneducated and a very interesting character. Pochita deeply cared for Denji after his life was saved by Denji, despite the devil’s general hatred toward humankind. He willingly gave up his heart to Denji so that he could fulfill his dreams which Pochita loved hearing about.

The anime came out on October 11 2022 and since its release, it has become one the most hyped-up anime ever. The manga since October 2022 the manga had over 18m Million copies in circulation in 2021 it won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shonen category and won the Harvey awards in the best Manga category in 2021 and 2022.  This anime has become one of the most popular this year and has come out so far that it seems in the future to pass the sales of Attack on Titan in popularity. The newer anime that comes out the more popular it is causing more people wanna find new things to watch and this story is definitely one you should watch if you get the time.


Bleach 1000 year blood war THE BIG 3 RETURNS 

The Big 3 consist of Naruto One piece and Bleach While Naruto and One Piece have still been going for the last 5 years bleach stopped until recently on October 11, 2022, when it returned for its final season It is called 1000 year blood war In the Arrancar Arc, we get to see Ichigo, his friends, and several shinigami from the Gotei 13 go against Aizen and his followers  The final arc will see the return of Yhwach’s Quincy army. Unfortunately, Uryu Ishida will participate as Yhwach’s successor. He is expected to sever ties with his friends, particularly with Ichigo. It will be an all-out war between the army of Quincy and the Shinigami. we see the entirety of the Soul Society fight against the full might of Quincy. Since it was released people have been extremely excited about this brand new season of bleach and its return to see how it ends Bleach follows Ichigo Kurosaki a part-time student, and part-time Soul Reaper. Bleach the anime deserves its popularity. It has something for everyone: the supernatural, comedy, action, and a little bit of romance, all tied together with excellent animation and a very enthusiastic-sounding bunch of voice actors The anime has been out for quite some time, so you’ll have a lot of catching up to do if you’re new to the series. The series has been running for over two decades but it’s definitely worth watching if you love anime the animation of this new series is movie level and everyone is enjoying the new look of the anime and enjoying the return of the legendary big 3.