Food Truck Goldmine- Visiting CT’s Best Food Trucks!


New Haven, CT has had these food trucks for so long and I haven’t heard anyone talk about their experiences and the food.

I went around 2 years ago and this year at the beginning of summer; the food trucks have changed but they are still a good place to go and chill. They’re called “FOOD TRUCK PARADISE”, and they’re located in New Haven, Connecticut. They are open from 9 am to 6:30 pm and there is more than one type of food there. The food trucks have so many different things like Puerto Rican and Dominican food just like they have Mexican and Asian food; everything you would like and maybe if you want to try something new. Even though they are just food trucks and the out food they have a website you can go and get information.  {}. There’s a lake in front of the food trucks you can go and sit and maybe have a picnic.


Michelle rivas; Customer

She went around February and ate Mexican food, she got a quesadilla and Doritos with chicken on top.” It was really good, it had cheese, melted cheese, pico de Gallo, guac, and chicken. Had a very good and natural pina colada with actual pineapple. Overall 10/10 even though there’s a little wait because of how popular it is with its customer base” The service was good because the workers were outgoing and helpful. She found the food trucks from one of her mom’s friends.

Tairis Michelle; Customer

Tairis Michelle went to the food trucks this October and ate Puertorican food. she ordered loaded fries w ground beef and mondongo. ” it was mad good” she said. she is a returning customer that has tried almost the whole menu. and she said ” I would recommend to anyone who likes to eat to go and try this food truck” 9 1/2 /10  just because she didn’t like her drink. the service was quick and respectful.

Katiria Vargas; Customer went to a Puerto Rican truck and got mofongo with shrimp. Mofongo in mashed plantains that are shaped like a bowl and then served with something on the side. “ it was so good and juicy the shrimp was well seasoned and it gave everything the flavor it needed, the service was great and fast” she went around last March for spring and she gave it a 9/10.