Soccer Players Planning On Retirement.


After the World Cup started there have been a lot of players that could be playing their last  World cup. There were a lot of injuries in the likes of Neyma and also there are players that aren’t playing as usual like Messi. Playing that could be possibly playing their last world cup game is Messi. Neyma, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Suarez. As painful as it seems it’s just a reality of life and it also applies to soccer. 


Lionel Messi, Argentina

It’s been confirmed by one of the best soccer players that he will be retiring and Qatar will be his last. As far as we know he is known as one of the best soccer athletes of all time. He is currently 35 years of age and in the next world cup which would be in 4 years to come he would be 39, which makes a moment for Argentina to make a rum for ‘la Pulga’ can hoist the world cup for the first time. EH has played in the world cup in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018. As far as we know he is also known as the ‘GOAT’ and this is the last world cup for this legend.


Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed by the man himself, Ronaldo is also a possible player on the list. He is 38 years old but in the coming 4 years which makes him 42 for the next upcoming world cup in 2026. Though this might not be his last, we are looking forward to what Portugal can do this year. Also Ronaldo has appeared in the world cup 4 times which makes this his 5 time playing and also a man to score five times in all world cups that he has played.


Luis Suarez

There is a highly likely chance that Luis Suarez will play the next world cup game because there will be 36 this coming January and will be 40 by the next upcoming world cup game which he might be available for Uruguay one last time. He has also played in the world cup 3 times which was in 2010, 2014, and 2018 editions. 


Robert Lewandowiski, Poland

One of the best strikers of the current generation Lewandowski is a man to watch out for. Making his first appearance in 2018 but is currently 34 and might play in the next world cup. But due to some injuries he did not get to play this year for poland.


Neymar Jr

Recognized as one of the best players of the current generation, Neyma is 30 which he definitely will be playing in the next world cup but in this current world cup he was injured in the knee so badly that he had to skip to play in the 16th round of the word cup.