Charter Schools and Public Schools

Charter Schools and Public Schools

 Do Worcester Schools Need Another Charter School?

How much would it be to afford another charter school?  How would it affect society? There are a whole other questions that need to be answered to be able to know if there really is a need for another charter school. The amount that would be needed to complete the school would be about 7 million dollars which would be taken out of the Worcester Public Schools and there will be a reduction in Public school teachers to be able to establish a teaching environment for the charter school. 


The difference between charter schools and public schools is that charter schools are more flexible and make faster progress than public schools. Even Though they are regulated, they are regulated differently. Public schools need to make their decisions through local and district schools boards but charter schools don’t. Charter schools function autonomously through individual agreements with the states or local governments that dictates the rules and performance standards.  


According to an article published by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Worcester Cultural Academy Charter Public School  has proposed an application for a new charter school which is to serve up to Kindergarten to 8th grade. Their next step to be taken will be an interview of the applicant group, public hearing, and a review of the  public comments submitted to the Department. After they completed with the the list, commission Riley will then review the proposal to the and decide whether to recommend to the board of Elementary and Sec Secondary Education for charter award in February 2023. 


Charter Schools are Growing 

Charter schools exist in 44 out of the 50 states. In 2019 the USA department found that there was no meaningful difference between the eighth graders in charter schools and public schools when== it comes to math and English proficiency, as measured by the NAtional Assessment of Educational progress, often called “The nation’s report card”.


Point Of Views


Anonymous: “I dislike it because teachers do not have to be licensed and they also take from our budgets”.

Anonymous: “I dislike it because money is taken out of the public schools for the charter schools”. 

Anonymous: “I don’t support them because they take away money from the public schools and there is more work associated with charter schools”. 

Anonymous: “I don’t support it because they don’t work for the funds just like how public schools have to”.

Anonymous: “My child goes to schools there and I love it but there are two schools which are enough charter schools for Worcester and we do not need a third one”.