Who Will Be Next In Line For Our Superintendent?

The Look For A New A Superintendent After Ms. Maureen Binienda.


This all started when the Worcester School Committee decided to not extend the contract of the current superintendent Maureen Binienda and now are on the hunt nationwide for a new superintendent. When the school committee finds the next superintendent they will negotiate for the contract and will participate in the budget and goal setting. They will take office as the new superintendent on July 1, 2021. And they will open the position in January. One of the things that Maureen Binienda didn’t like was how she thought that this election for the superintendent was treated more like politics than those people caring about the kids. Another thing that Maureen Binienda was disappointed about was how the school committee didn’t come to her and ask her to stay for another year. Also she wanted to stay for another year because she wanted to put the Worcester public schools back on the track after the whole pandemic but since she didn’t have her contract extended so she couldn’t work on anything. Another thing was that Ms. Binienda was confused on why the school committee didn’t want to extend her contract since she achieved all of her goals before the pandemic hit. 

Ms. Binienda thinks that there were certain people in the school committee that had some promises that were made to them and that then they decided that they didn’t want to renew Ms. Binienda contract and she thinks that the there is one way that could make the school committee change there mind and renew her contract people would have to go out and to start protesting on behalf of Ms. Binienda. But this won’t change what Ms. Biniedan is thinking about her and that she will try and solve some of the problems for the upcoming school year and some challenges would be the shortage of school buses and the buses being late to schools, and how Covid 19 will affect schools. Other things that she is thinking about after moving on from being a superintendent would be either taking another position in another district or being a sub superintendent for another district or the last option she is thinking about would be after 46 years of serving in Worcester public schools that she would retire and stay home. For the future we will see what will happen if the school committee can find a new superintendent in time of July 2022 and where Ms. Binidena will go time could tell.