Kindness Around the Corner


In school, respect is one thing, but kindness to one another is one of the most important things a student or a teacher can receive. Not only would it make anyone’s day, but it would also spread positivity around the environment at North High.

Why is this an important subject to talk about? Well, if we, the students at North,  started to spread kindness, it would potentially stop fights from happening at 7:00 in the morning. Things like fighting are useless and can overflow your mind with negativity . Your high school years don’t last very long, don’t waste them by being a self-absorbed person, care about the people around you, and have great relationships with your teachers. It would come in handy for recommendation letters and that would all start just because you chose to be kind.

Kindness at North High School

Here is some kindness that has happened at our school: 

One student said, “I remember one time when I had an early childhood project, I had to walk around with a pregnancy belly and someone picked up my stuff from the ground when I accidentally dropped it while walking. I couldn’t bend over and pick it up at all. I felt pretty good that there was someone to help.” They have also mentioned how some people gave her dirty looks for being “pregnant,” so that one act of kindness was the highlight of their day. 

Although tutoring students is common, it is also an act of kindness. It helps people pass their classes and it also gives motivation. One student said, “I mean I plan on tutoring people who REALLY need it or giving out random gifts like a beaded necklace or rings I made.” 

“I have helped MANY people with their school work / Given people therapy sessions when they are having school or home issues.” another student said. 

Being there for one another is just the bare minimum. Being kind is something that everyone needs to do and it’ll help any and all environments in the world be much safer and happier. One student told “I once had a girl give me her sweater because I was highly insecure of my arms. She told me I could wear it till the end of school. Me and that girl are really good friends now.” Simple acts of kindness could result in relationships that last for years. 

“So I’m HIGHLY insecure about my smile right? I had this guy at school tell me my smile was great and I didn’t need to worry he also told me I would look weird without it LOL but ever since he said that I’ve been smiling in my pictures I never had the chance to thank him so if he reads this thank you.” 

These stories happened a while ago, which shows that kindness truly sticks and over powers negativity. It’s always the little things, just these little acts of kindness could change or help a person completely. An act of kindness could be holding the door for someone or a whole group of people, an act of kindness could be letting the person sitting in front of you off the bus first, an act of kindness could be letting the teacher explain the subject without being interrupted or disrespected, an act of kindness is something we should all give and receive. So, make sure to spread it around and make the school space a more welcoming place.