Why was Gaby Murdered?

                          Why was Gaby murdered? 

Gaby Petito was a 22 year old blogger who was touring across America with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. While on the trip, Brian and her had an argument. There was a body cam video of when Gaby and Brian got pulled over in Moab, Utah ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSp8NkE7msc ) . In the video Gaby was in distress crying because she was stressed out because of Brian. 

In the video he was just smiling too much and acting like nothing was wrong. He was getting abused by her and it was obvious he had bruises. This was an obvious domestic violence case so Brian was offered to be separated from Gaby… He declined this offer. 

Later on he came back without her. Once brian came back he lawyered up and said he wouldn’t talk. Gaby was missing… What happened ? After a long search for Gaby, a body came up dead in Utah and it matched Gaby’s.  When they looked for Brian he showed up dead in Florida. Suicide or murder? Do you think this case is actually over? Do you believe he killed her intentionally or was it an accident? With this as a domestic violence case it’s either he was thinking about killing her, left her stranded somewhere, or was defending himself and accidentally killed her. What do you think happened?