Children in danger on the streets

Are the streets safe for children in Worcester?

Children in danger on the streets

In all these times, a large number of children have been run over in the United States, typically by a distracted driver. Are the streets safe for children in Worcester? In many cases, it is due to a pedestrian traffic violation committed by the child when having some minimal distraction or simply some negligence of the parents to the child to leave without realizing it.


The movement of children alone without the company of an adult in the streets is dangerous.


We well know there are many reckless and distracted drivers on the streets, but like children on the sidewalks who come down at any time from the sidewalks to the streets. These situations of children being easily distracted and not be so careful crossing the street as an adult would also be due to the danger that is put on both themselves and the driver.

On June 11 of this year, a 12-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle after getting off a school bus on Friday afternoon in Worcester, Massachusetts. The accident occurred in the 1300 block of Pleasant Street, according to police, who responded to a distress call shortly after 3:30 p.m. “He got off the school bus and was hit by that vehicle passing the school bus when the boy pretended to cross the street, “said the boy’s uncle, Edward Desrosiers. The rescuers took the boy to the hospital. “He was in so much pain that they had trouble putting the collar on him,” Desrosiers said.

As in the city of Boston, on Wednesday, September 28, 2021, at 7:30 a.m, the case of a 10-year-old boy who was run over while he was trying to cross the street in a pedestrian crossing was recorded. with her sister when the two of them were on their way to school. This event occurred on Intervale Street and Columbia Road in the Dorchester neighborhood of the city. According to the statement of his sister and witnesses who were in the area saw how the colored car Blanco ran over the child, dragging him under another car and also fled, leaving the child lying conveys Nicole Montaque. “He was immobilized under this car when the car hit him and hit him underneath,” Nicole said. “I was the one who got him out of there. There is blood everywhere and all over my jacket.”  The minor was seriously injured with injuries to the liver, nose, right lung, fractures to 6 ribs, and the pelvis, according to the authorities, he is stable and out of danger. On Wednesday night, detectives announced that they had identified and recovered the car involved in the incident and are continuing their investigation at this time to find the whereabouts of the driver.

It is both the responsibility of the pedestrian and the driver to exercise caution when navigating the streets of Worcester according to the rules of the road. In those two cases that we have just visited, it can be seen that the events occurred due to the recklessness of the drivers, in the first case the child was getting off a bus, which is stated to stop 100 feet from the sign so they can cross safely, yet the driver does not do such. In the other case that occurred in Boston, we can see that, like the first, the driver has been reckless since the children were crossing the street in a pedestrian crossing located in a school zone, where the maximum speed limit is 20m/h and drivers must yield to pedestrians and/or students. 

According to residents of this community, they declare that many times drivers violate the speed limit, which is a danger both for the driver, other drivers, and pedestrians since an accident could occur at any time due to these irresponsible actions and also for which no regard was given. They want their children to walk alone on the streets since they can be in danger from these drivers since some streets do not have sidewalks which present a great danger for pedestrians. 

Between 2009 and 2018, the number of pedestrian fatalities in the United States grew by 51%. From 4,109 to 6,227 in less than a decade. The figures are dramatic. Above all, because in recent years have been launched more than 1,400 programs to improve the safety of the streets of the North American country. Without any success, obviously.

In the streets of my neighborhood you don’t see children on the streets, because there are no sidewalks and according to them they confirm that it is a danger that they are in the streets because they can run away, come and an auto result that they are run over either the driver could not stop in time, I did not manage to avoid him or simply did not see him. 

They say that they feel that their children are safe while they are indoors or are at their side holding their hands.

In my case happens that I have 4 younger brothers who live with their mothers but on weekends my dad and I go and seek. Being in the house when they want to go out they cannot do it alone, my dad orders me to go with them and take care of them since it is a danger for them because of the vehicles, and as I have noticed it is very rare that they look at the sides of the streets when they are going to leave the garden of the house. For this reason, you should always be ahead of them on the streets and always looking everywhere since a vehicle can appear out of nowhere and import it to one of them if I am a little careless.

I think that this behavior is normal in children since they are only focused on playing, that is why traffic rules tell drivers to respect and obey the indications of warning signs and traffic regulations if a street does not have sidewalks, proceed with caution, In school zones, the maximum speed is 20 miles per hour. Drivers should be cautiously expecting that at some point a child will run in front of the vehicle and give way if a pedestrian is crossing the street either inside or outside the crosswalk.