Say No to food waste!

Food waste can contribute to a lot of problems for the world like world hunger, climate change, and poverty. With having tons of food waste, climate change will be influenced by food waste because of the carbon emission released in the air when we waste food.  There are starving families in the world while we waste food that could be given to those starving families. Food waste can contribute to poverty because of 36 million dollars that is wasted on food.

Reducing food waste would ease world hunger. Recording to The world wastes roughly a sixth of the food produced each year” by Rachel Fritts, 690 million people each year starve.  “The report’s authors collected data on food-waste from 54 countries. Most food that goes uneaten — 61 percent — is thrown out by home cooks and diners. Food services, such as restaurants, accounted for 26 percent more of the “lost” food. Groceries and other stores were responsible for 13 percent of the wasted food” (Fritts). All the waste could be given to the families and children who are starving. More than half the food we buy goes uneaten or wasted. One of the main problems we have in the world is world hunger.

Climate change is another great problem that comes with food waste. Recording to “ Cut down on food waste and share food more equitably” by CNW Group Ltd,  Food waste goes to compost bins or garbage which contributes to carbon and methane emissions which improves climate change greatly. “Food takes a lot of resources to create, from the land and the water, the labor, seed, oftentimes a fair number of chemicals. Then transportation, processing, lots of refrigeration” (Lumpkin). Since it takes a lot of materials to make food, we shouldn’t waste it because those resources are limited. When the food is processed and then being wasted, the chemicals from the food go into the atmosphere. The university researchers are trying to make goals by cutting carbon emissions by 2030 by reducing food waste. Food uses a lot of resources to create and sometimes a lot of chemicals. 

Food waste contributes to world poverty. Food waste is costing our economy 36 billion dollars. That money could be spent on goods in our economy. It is a waste of money and bad for our environment. Australia’s food industry received 4 million dollars for a refund by the federal government. There are families that are homeless and in poverty. “With food waste costing the economy roughly $36 billion a year, we need collaboration between business and government without the threat of regulation” (limited). The money can be used to create a plan against food waste.

In Massachusetts, there more millions of tons of food waste in the trash of 2016 which is a quarter of the waste stream. More than 650,000 residents waste food in MA. “The Collaborative facilitates a network of organizations that are helping to reduce wasted food in Massachusetts, including food rescue organizations, gleaning organizations, composting organizations and farms, and environmental groups” (MassDEP). The Mass dep plans to cut back on food waste and food hunger by creating organizations and building more foodbanks for people to go to make disposing of food the proper way. 

Food waste is really bad for our environment, it contributes to climate change, world hunger, and poverty. Would you want to help our world by reducing food waste? Try to reduce waste!