Blithewood Park and Playground

Blithewood Park and Playground

The evolution of fun and childhood wonder

A person’s childhood is one of the most important time periods of their lives. This is the time where they experience absolute bliss and enjoy their youth before having to worry about the responsibilities that come with adulthood, and what better place to make some memorable childhood memories than at a local park.

Blithewood Park and Playground has been a popular park in the Worcester area for many years. The reason for its popularity is that it has something for everyone. For example, it provides kids with a big and spacious playground that is filled with various different equipment to play with.

A basketball court, as well as a baseball field for the athletes or the people who want to play a game of catch with their friends or family.

They also include a spacious path that goes around the entirety of the park for people who want to have a peaceful walk or a morning run. They also include plenty of resting points along the path for people who want to take a break or just enjoy the overall scenery.

Henry (Dog Walker): “Personally I really like this park. It’s pretty close to where I live, the field is empty most of the time which leaves more space for my dog to run around and not have to worry about parents being afraid of a big dog going near their children.”

Susan (Jogger): “I would recommend this park for any first time joggers or runners. The path is spacious and usually cleared from any trash like cans or sticks. Also the route isn’t very long so it isn’t difficult to complete and you can do a few laps on it if you want to.” 



In previous years the park has looked extremely different from how it looks today. In the past the playground equipment was mostly made out of wood, the floor was covered in wood chips, and the only parts that were made out of metal and plastic were the slides, the teeter totter, and the swings.

Many have reported the dangers that came with this design which mainly included the way their children would get splinters on the wooden equipment and how there was nothing to cushion their fall when they fell and how they would just get even more hurt when they landed on the wood chips. This caused the city to renovate the playground to have better and safer equipment that is made out of mostly metal and plastic and replaced the flooring with a foam flooring to cushion the kids’ falls. 

Lauren (Mother): “Honestly this is a pretty good playground to be at. It has a lot of equipment for my children to play with, there’s a fence surrounding it so the children would be safe and not wander into oncoming traffic, and the community here is overall pretty friendly. The current design is definitely an improvement from the previous design.”

These days kids have stopped going to the park and instead opted to stay at home and stare at a screen, watching mindless entertainment which is a real shame. A park represents more than just a plot of land full of silly equipment, it’s a place where children are free to play and be children with no worries, a place where friends and family can go to bond and make some memories together without the use of technology. So, whenever you have the time, give your local park a visit. It’s a guarantee that you’ll make some memories you’ll treasure and never forget.

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