~School Events~



Welcome to our Column! In this space we will be looking at different issues in the school, the world, and Worcester, and examining it from different perspectives. 

“This week’s focus”

School Events: Why do we have them, how are they going right now, and what are some things we can do to improve them. 

Introducing our Columnist; Edaliz & Oscarina  

Oscarina: I’m a senior at North high school. Being a part of this institution, attending for four years, and going through these experiences weren’t what I had anticipated. We’re going to discuss how our school events have gone thus far and what we think of them. 


Edaliz- I am also a senior at North High School. As someone a part of the community in school- I feel like it’s safe to say our school is well put together. The students and teachers make heart-filled connections. We have firm feelings and want nothing but progress for North High. I’ve enjoyed each and every 4 years here. It’s been a new and refreshing experience each year for our students. 


First Topic- School Events. 


Why do we have them? 


Oscarina- I believe that school events provide us a break from studying and allow us to simply try new things. Makes us feel more connected with each other. What are your thoughts, Edaliz?


Edaliz- School functions could be a big push for students to associate outside of school- while still feeling connected to the school. It’s a feeling of comfort seeing the people you pass in the hallway- also be at an event you’re attending. 


Oscarina- Also Remember it helps students interact with others, like teachers and students, and community events to assist students to learn about their surroundings.


Edaliz- Yeah, I definitely agree with Oscarina !! They bring out a side of pride in our home school and each other. It makes everyone feel nice seeing their peers get excited about themselves, and accomplishments have done together as a school- especially if it’s the people you see in your everyday life. 


How are they going right now? 


Oscarina- We recently hosted the BMX Bullying Prevention Program at our school to discuss bullying, and we also have spirit week coming up, which has some students excited to return to school the next week. Events are progressing well so far, although some people are upset that other schools have homecoming dances while we haven’t had one in the past two years, which they feel is unfair.

Students with the sponsors of the event.
Asst. Principal Saraiva

Edaliz- My partner and I feel as if our school events could make our school more of a cordial space. Events bring us closer together and it’s a different experience from a school day, which leaves us intrigued. 


What can we do to improve them? 


Oscarina- We can certainly ask other students’ ideas on the kinds of events they would like to see, and we can plan more events that involve the community and offer a variety of viewpoints to make the school appear more active.


Edaliz- I feel like if we were to come together as a community and speak out to those in charge of student activities, they would realize we actually do care about our school functions. Effort and participation in the things we want are what they would want to see. 


Oscarina- Don’t we need more and different activities every year since we grow weary of doing the same things over and over again? Make this year of high school more enjoyable. Our high school year is about to close, and although we didn’t have as much fun as we would have liked, I would definitely like the underclassmen to have a better experience and more enjoyable activities.


Edaliz- We definitely do need to change what and how we do our activities! Though as seniors we are almost out I think it would be nice for us to have more enjoyable activities because everyone went through a global pandemic, which left us feeling sort of stuck in one place. It would be refreshing to know that we can also count on our school and peers to bring us excitement. 



Last week we had a Pep Rally! 

The pep rally was fantastic; there were many various activities and school colors, and one of our classmates sang, which was a wonderful experience. It was wonderful to use some of our class time for community activity.


Events coming up: 

~Next week, on October 24, 2022, is the “violence is not normal” event. By the time you read this, you’ve probably already attended. Although we haven’t seen it yet, we think it’s going to be a good event given how much violence there is in the world right now. It will make people consider the causes of violence, how it has affected us, and the state of the world now. As youth, we are influenced by what happens around us. We pick up what we see and I’m sure the last thing everyone wants is for violence to be brought into school, we already deal with some chaos.