What are the benefits of art for students at North High school- as they go through High school and for their Future Success?


Here at North High school, we value free expression and creativity. Students are welcome to join our Art club on Wednesdays or take an art class as an elective. Art club and Art class helps students express their creativity and passions through many forms of art. Students can create projects, work on their creative skills, relax, and most importantly form bonds with students with the same interests as them. 

Creating Art Impacts your Brain

Having free expression in art helps a teenager’s brain increase productivity. Art impacts emotions and nervous systems, academics, increases memory, and reduces stress. Stress can be more prone to teenagers due to the underdevelopment of the child’s brain and since Art can be used as a form of therapy, it is great to encourage them to try art-related activities.  According to the article ‘’ Does art release dopamine’’ by Brian Johnson Ph.D., medically reviewed by Dr. DW Zadiel,’’ Art improves our memory, makes us more tolerant of others, and boosts our mood. It also lowers our cortisol levels, associated with stress and depression’’. Another statement made by this article is that taking art therapy may help with lowering cortisol levels which are produced when introduced to stressful situations,’’ One study from the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association found that artists exhibited lower cortisol levels than those who didn’t participate in art therapy’’

Victoria Cordini
Ap art project (Aurys)

 Vitoria Coradini a senior here at North high school is an innovative, talented, and passionate artist who was more than willing to share her ideas and creativity with others announced that art classes have an impact on her brain and her emotions, ‘’art classes are like a relief in my day, even if the topics are complicated in some projects, I have fun and I like to dedicate my time to it, sometimes it’s tiring but usually, it’s something that helps me relax.’’ Nylin R. Mercado, another young artist who goes to art club religiously and a junior at North says ‘’ Art helps me express my feelings and thoughts in ways I wouldn’t be able to do using my words’’



Art club and Art class have helped many North high school students form bonds with other students. Nell a North high sophomore has a strong connection with art due to his father introducing him to art at a young age ‘’ sometimes when I create art reminds me of my father, which makes me feel closer to him’’.  Art is also about connections,  Victoria says  ‘’I met many friends through art, and people recognized me for it, it’s part of my identity’’


What is next for these young artists?

Nylin Mercardo
Cat Gost (Aurys)

With inspiration from other artists and her passion for art since childhood Victoria says ‘’I would love to go to an art school and pursue a career with it, it would be working with one of the things I like to do the most.’’  Nylin and Nell aren’t planning to go to art school, but will still be creating art and sharing their creativity with others.