Who is Mariah the Scientist?


Mariah is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta and she’s received a lot of attention for her song “spread thin” on TikTok.  She’s very underrated and she has two albums named  “Ry Ry World” and “Master” with two EPs called “Buckles Laboratories Present” and “To Die For”. All of her projects are remarkable in my opinion.  An EP aka extended play in music is shorter than an album but longer than a single. Artists usually drop between 2-5 songs that are 30 minutes in length, it helps bring awareness and excitement around the artist’s future projects that are soon to come.  My favorites on “Ry Ry world” are Brain, RIP, Aura, and revenge. R&B is an exciting place right now with everybody’s unique flow and the way new singers are evolving and adding hip-pop and a bit of funk influence. I feel like Mariah is creating her own flow with her honest and relatable lyrics that cement her place in the R&B game. Her voice on this album “Ry RY World” is downtempo with a mix of rap-singing. Mariah writes about the undesirable aspects of love and relationships such as in one of her songs “RIP” which attacks the situations meanwhile the song “Revenge” metaphorically buries a love perception and “Brain” explores the trauma from a toxic relationship.  Mariah is the type of songwriter that gives the listener fairly self-awareness to hold people accountable while feeling her agony and reminiscence.  RY RY world proves she can dominate the industry. 

       Rate ; 9/10 


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