The last of us review

The Last of Us is a new 2023 Tv series about zombies but, most importantly, about family and what it means to stick together. This series is on HBO max and comes out every sunday. In my opinion it is my favorite thing to watch and get excited for. The main characters are Joel and Ellie. 

The plot of this series is to test Ellies blood to cure the infected and also to not get infected on the way. Throughout the episodes they meet many people that come and go such as Marlene,Tess, Bill and Frank, Henry and his brother Sam. I would say the tone is very fearful in the beginning as Joel shows he can get through anything. Throughout the episodes it gets very suspenseful facing obstacles. 

Some important moments in my opinion are in the beginning when Joel loses his daughter. The reason that is my number one is because he is the main character and it really shows how it impacted his life and every single thing he does. He starts seeing Ellie as his daughter throughout the show as well because of her age and not wanting to lose her. Second most important moment is Joel finding his brother. After waiting so long and going through years without seeing him, it was very emotional finally seeing him after so long and Joel giving them shelter and taking care of Ellie for him.

The acting and movie director are so talented, making everything seem so real especially after covid and making a movie about a virus was smart. I think José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal plays a really good actor as Joel in this tv series acting dead, crying on scene, fighting off zombies, etc. The setting being placed in Boston MA I thought was really cool and how they filmed everything such as the zombies, broken buildings, fire and car crashes , people dying, it was just amazing. The theme in The Last of Us revolves around the idea of survival, people evolved and adapted to the situation and in that process society turned into a dangerous merciless species.