Was Frozen a Cover-Up to hide the truth!



There are multiple theory on Walt Disney’s body being frozen after he passed away. Some say it was just his head, others claim it was his full body. Walt DisneyBut, regardless, we’ve all heard of Walt Disney being in a freezer somewhere, waiting for the technology that could ” possible bring him back to life”to be invented. Disney’s was very known for being obsession with futuristic technology, he believed that the technology would advance and he was confident that in the future his conscience, would awake and he would see the future.which could potentially better the world, didn’t really help his case.


Some people have said that he had read, or heard of, Robert C.W. Ettinger’s 1964 book, “The Prospect of Immortality,”

the book has predicted where a day comes when medical science has advanced enough to repair the damage to the one disease-riddled person who has been frozen, allowing cryonics experts to thaw them out and bring them back to life.


Somewhere down the road, people have been pointing out, the first man who have ever be cryogenically frozen just so happened to be in the same city Disney was reportedly buried in at. And the movie “Frozen” was made only a month after Disney’s passing. This proved that the technology does existed at the same time and the same place too. 


The last thing that has believers raising their eyebrows, was at the cemetery where Disney’s ashes where said to be buried, there are no evidence or indicator of any remains of the him being on his family plot. Meaning Disney’s remains may not be where they were said to be. 

Some people went as far, to claim that his burial spot was a freezer stored underneath the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride at Disneyland


Around 2019, there was a new theory born that claim Disney’s body being frozen. People across the internet started and continue to believe that the movie “Frozen” was actually meant to be a distraction to Disney lovers. There are a lot of fact that are adding up.If you were to google “Disney Frozen,” all that pops up is the movie. The movie’s title keeps search engines from pulling up articles about Disney’s frozen body. Instead, the articles are all on Disney’s “Frozen.” 

Many fans think Disney called the movie Frozen to divert attention from the cryogenesis tittle-tattle that had been circulating for decades by this point. Disney could have called the film anything, but they settled on Frozen. Now when you Google search the words “Frozen” and “Disney,” all you get is page after page of Anna, Elsa, and a singing snowman named Olaf! Even if it wasn’t done intentionally, Disney successfully buried the speculation that had been swirling around Walt Disney’s death.



Disney is intensely protective of their family-friendly brand and the company has borrowed a lot of its stories from classic fairy tales such as Pinocchio, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid — the list goes on and on. Frozen is based on a story by Hans Christian Anderson called, “The Snow Queen.” So why isn’t the movie called that?