Should Martial Arts be Taught in Primary and Secondary Schools In America?


Image by Karate international

  Martial arts have been around for centuries and have evidence of their effectiveness in helping people have better mental and body health. Martial arts must be taught in U.S. elementary and secondary schools because of its health benefits to a child. There are many different types of martial arts that a child could choose with which he or she feels more comfortable. But it also provides confidence, respect, safety, and discipline.


Mental and body health

Martial arts can help a child more mentally and socially. Since this is the 21st century, technology is more advanced and will continue to grow, so it is very important that children appreciate their concentration, respect, and teamwork with each other. and in turn, the child can be someone respectful and aware in society, without fear, of being fragile in the eyes of others, but he or she would be great in spirit and in truth because of discipline and physical strength, but it is also really, their way of speaking, confidence and knowledge of their own self.

Reduce Kidnapping

   Having knowledge of martial arts can help a child fight kidnappers. As the child gains more knowledge of massive actions, he or she is given techniques as a preventive measure, so that they can defend themselves, and so parents and familys can avoid such an acute and painful moment for their family.