North’s First Pep Rally Pops!

Pep Rally Success Thanks to us!!!
Seniors 2024
Seniors 2024

On Friday September 29, 2023, after a long spirit week hosted by Gear up, students and teachers came together to celebrate their North pride in the gym . During the first quarter each year, North hosts a pep rally for all grades, bringing students together to play games, get pumped up , and scream with pride for their grade . 


It was challenging to reach the unforgettable event that Friday because of a policy change- a ticketing policy (2 dollars a ticket) that was new to many students. This year North High has seen plenty of significant changes throughout the school such as new teachers, new subjects, and even a new principal! Some growing pains were understandable. An announcement was made to all  the students that the pep rally will cost $2 entry tickets- which led to some confusion within the student body. 

Teshaun Steele and Kari Dance during the Pep Rally.

In the past- this might have been the downfall of the event- as North Students can sometimes buy into a negative mindset about school events- but, it seemed that students were willing to overcome these problems and make an effort to still show school pride.

Once it became clear that this rule change was simply due to the number of students- we are bigger than ever now- The staff and student council worked together to ensure that the tickets were distributed fairly. This benefited the school because it helped raise lots of funds for future events.

The Day of the Rally…

Seniors Celebrate.

The gym was PACKED with Freshmen , Sophomores, Juniors and of course Seniors. Each grade competed who was the loudest in the gym! Teachers, guidance counselors, and other staff’s were present in the gym. Each song got the crowd more and more hyped. The MC’s of the day were Suzy Daniels (Senior) and Joe Okla (Senior). They made sure everyone was heard and participated in activities. Many games were played by students against Teachers. The noise in the gym was quite loud, especially from the Seniors who made sure they could be heard and seen in the gym. They yelled and displayed great polar pride. 


At 1:43pm the bell rang, and everyone left the gym on a rainy Friday- but there wasn’t a gloomy feeling- but instead a joyful ending to a great spirit week and pep rally. Students and staffs were feeling the connection to our community. Baked on this first pep rally the next future one will be even better!

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