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Pro and cons of working during high school

Lets Talk about working during high school!

Working as a high school student can have both positive and negative aspects. We delve into this discussion considering the drawbacks and merits of high school students working.

How is work good for teenagers?


Teenagers that get a job are more than 40% a year, This is a particular topic to discuss because most of the students work part-time while some usually drop out of school to work full-time as that job would benefit them. The benefits of working as teenagers are that the students will learn how to manage their money and how to send it properly. It gives them a sense of responsibility. Most parents are against kids getting a job at a certain age but what they don’t know is that it can give a  sense of maturity and it will give them a sense of how to work in real-life work.

Many teachers believe that students should focus solely on their studies, while others disagree. However, teachers should not interfere with students’ lives outside of school because many students work to assist their families or pay for their expenses. Furthermore, having a job can provide a positive distraction from negative aspects of the world, such as drugs or violence, as it gives them something beneficial to focus on.

In my opinion, one of the key benefits of education is that it can provide an important lesson on the correlation between earnings and education. At present, many high school students tend to take up low-paying jobs that do not require any significant educational qualifications. However, by pursuing higher education, students can gain a better understanding of how education can directly impact their earning potential. This can help them realize that obtaining a good education is critical for securing a successful and rewarding career with a decent income.

One important benefit of having a job for teenagers is that it can teach them the value of money. When young students don’t have a job, they often have to depend on other people’s money to cover their expenses. However, by working and earning their own money, teenagers can develop a better understanding of the true worth of a dollar. This can help them to become more responsible with their finances and make smarter financial decisions in the future.


How is it to work as a high school student?

This subject is a very specific topic to talk about, as school students need work so that they can achieve their goals over time, and thus be good administrators in the future. Working when you are a high school student can become a very difficult thing, as you will have to focus on your studies and also on your work, as recommended by research, a high school student should work 6 hours a day and less than 40 hours a week, this is the most normal thing for a student who is about to graduate from high school. So if in this case, you are not a person who focuses on your things, and content, you will never be able to get out of the middle of these daily storms. I can see more things like a job that can harm you, I don’t see it as a way to let you down, but it can help you.

Working as a high school student can be a rewarding experience. It provides an opportunity to learn valuable skills, such as time management, responsibility, and money management. It allows you to gain practical work experience and develop a strong work ethic at an early age. However, it is important to strike a balance between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and work to ensure that your academic performance does not suffer. Additionally, it’s vital to evaluate your own capacity and make sure that the workload does not become overwhelming.

It can provide them with practical skills, teach them about responsibility, and help them develop a strong work ethic. Furthermore, having a job can also give students the opportunity to earn money, which can be useful for covering personal expenses, saving for the future or even supporting their education. it is essential to strike a balance between work and academics to ensure it does not negatively affect your studies.

Regarding all, lets talk about my experience working as high school student and I know that it must be the same for a large part of the students. For me, this is very hard to manage my time. My day is very full of duties and tiring because I wake up in the morning and go to school. Soon after I leave school, I already have to go to my job, where I spend the rest of my day until 11pm. This can be very demanding for a student because I have to focus so much on studies and on my work. I can’t help but give my best in both aspects. In fact, it’s very good to work because this way you can have more responsibility and earn your own money. However, it can also harm you at school if you don’t strive to do your best for your life.

How can work be bad for high school students?

During high school students have many things to worry about, college, extracurricular activities and gradual formation of independence. In the midst of this whirlwind of activities, part-time jobs appear along the way, a potential path for students to gain real-world experience and financial independence.

From my point of view, the decision to work during high school goes far beyond the realm of financial gain. It’s a choice that often harms students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being.

Depending on their financial situation, or background, many students choose to drop out of school to work. I’ve seen many students dropout of high school because they know they wouldn’t be able to pay for college and do not see the value in continuing to study.

By the same token, students that work start to lose opportunities due to time constraints. It could be challenging to participate in extracurricular activities, such sports, theater, clubs and volunteer work. It’s possible that the student may lose family vacations due to work in  summer or over the spring break, if they can’t find someone to cover them at work.

In my opinion, working while in high school can teach invaluable skills and financial support, and is essential in balancing negative impacts on academic performance, mental health, and overall well being. Parents, schools and employers must work together to provide the necessary support for students to manage their responsibilities and ensure that they succeed both academically and personally.

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