Inside the Art Room

Inside the Art Room

In a vibrant environment where laughter echoes and gossip flows freely, there is a group connected by one thing in common,  their love of Art. The Art room at North High School is a space where imagination becomes reality, and students’ souls find a refuge to explore horizons beyond the ordinary.

For Justin Rodriguez, the joy of sharing his drawings with friends and peers serves not only as a source of motivation but also as a means of connecting with others on a deeper level. “I have a lot of friends that I love showing my art. Right? And it just makes me. That’s like my driving factor,” he explains.

In the art room, there is an oasis of tranquility among the pressure of exams and the uncertainty of the future. Through art, students transcend words, expressing emotions and freeing themselves through their strokes.



“Art is very important has been all my life and helps me grow as much I wouldn’t live without it” Nikki tells us, showing a deep feeling about the meaning of art in her life.

Although art is the ideal place to express oneself, many individuals often find themselves harboring negative feelings towards the artistic creations of others, as DJ L Ortalaza observed. “In art we try to compare ourselves to each other and people judge others, and I feel like this is my art, we’re all equal at art, a lot of people in our community they be hating on other people art, which I feel thats just wrong”

The impact of art on students’ lives goes beyond the walls of the classroom, influencing not only individuals but also the community as a whole. Through creative expression, students explore their identity and culture. Liz, a student in the AP Studio Art class says that when she was younger she was interested in art, but as time went by, she grew up and lost interest, and now she has the desire to reconnect with that lost passion.

Liz, in her AP Art Class in first period

I like art class because, especially since it’s morning, it helps me like prepare my mind for the rest of the day and it’s very calm.

Liz, in her AP Art Class in first period

The art class would be nothing without the dedicated teacher, Ms. Mulcahy who does her best to create a safe and educational environment for her students. Justin reflects on her influence in the classroom. “The teacher, she’s very helpful. She’s a really good teacher.” Ms Mulcahy is committed to her students beyond the classroom, where she helps students build a sense of confidence.

For Ms. Mulcahy art is about exploring yourself and improving your abilities by trying new things and new styles, she works to create an environment where everyone is valuable and supported. Her efforts were noticed by many students, demonstrating incredible admiration for the teacher. As she explain “We see the final product but we don’t see the process that an artist takes.”

Callie Mulcahy, art teacher at North High School

It’s not just about making art but also making sure students feel comfortable in the room

Callie Mulcahy, art teacher at North High School
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