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The once-weathered halls of our venerable high school, steeped in history, have undergone a transformative a couple of years ago. A modern tower now stands proudly, a testament to the passage of time and the evolution of education. The history of the old and new buildings creates a unique blend of nostalgia and progress, preserving the legacy while embracing the future.

Amongst the seasoned faculty, one teacher stands as a living chronicle of the institution’s journey. Mr. Marzilli, with his weathered textbooks and a lifetime of lessons, has been an unwavering presence for decades.” education has changed due to advances in technology and the internet and computers- more online resources to aid students in their learning – they have a lot more than just a teacher and a textbook” His passion for teaching transcends eras, and his classrooms, old and new alike, has faced different looks throughout the year whether that was students teachers textbooks, Chromebook etc.

“I believe that the environment is a lot like it was. The major difference is that students have so many more opportunities to get involved now. Clubs, sports, groups, jobs everything is so much more readily available than it was back then. The city bus is free now. We used to have to pay to move around the city if your parents didn’t have a car, or you didn’t have friends that drove” Ms. Lupafya a long-time member of the North High School staff was now an assistant principal quoted saying has loved her time at the old school. The transition from the old to the new has not dulled her enthusiasm; rather, it has become a canvas for her to adapt and inspire.

As the students of today navigate the sleek corridors of the new building, Ms. Lupafya and Mr. Marzilli remain a steady guide, imparting not just academic knowledge but the timeless values that have defined the school’s spirit. The fusion of the past and present in this educational institution is a living testament to the resilience of knowledge and to teachers and assistant principals like Mr Marzilli and Ms. Lupafya, who are the enduring guardians of its flame.


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