Murals presented all around Worcester.

Murals presented all around Worcester.
Each One, Teach one.
“Each One, Teach one.”

This mural itself really comes together, it says “Each one Teach one” With two students well drawn on. A full view of this on the side of Jacob Hiatt Magnet School, A real message to everyone that students and everyone in general need to teach one another some things.

Main South
“Main South”

This next Mural Is in the Main south area in Worcester, This Mural can represent anything, from culture, to family, The blue ribbons that are passing through the Mural say things along the line as, “We had to fight to live”.


The Mural shown is a woman who has wings posing in 3 different ways with the word “RISE” Next to the center picture, As someone who lives in Worcester it may interest some people who have some doubts, but Worcester needs to come together and rise as one.

Kelly Square.
“Kelly Square.”

This mural as shown has a Witch, A Wizard, What looks like a scientist, and A woman with a crystal ball, and what looks like a cauldron. This mural is placed in the Kelly Square area by Dunkin Donuts and Jersey Mikes.

Thoughts on the Murals.

My thoughts on these murals around Worcester bring excitement, I love seeing these pieces come together to make Worcester a more bright-full place showing that there is hope.

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