North High School- A New Vibe?!

It’s a new year here at North High. Students and faculty are ready for new beginnings, new challenges and unforgettable moments that this year will bring. Although the senior class of 2024’s reign is coming to an end, the polar dome remains solid. This year’s vibe is a little different. Less chaos in the halls, more involvement with the school. So far it’s looking like a pretty chill year for our polar bears but will this honeymoon phase for North High continue or is this just the beginning of a polar dome meltdown?


The teachers are clearly feeling this atmosphere shifting. Ms. Senckowski, head of the Spanish department, talked to us about her year so far, and how she sees this year compared to last. “ I feel like the first week of school the atmosphere felt absolutely different. It  is a lot more calm and I feel like the kids got settled in very quickly. The kids are getting through their covid trauma and they are ready to learn and make the best out of high school.” North students seem to be feeling more positive- and many teachers agree.

Ms. Mulcahy, longtime art teacher at North High, agrees. “The first thing that comes to my mind is we have a new principle, which is exciting but I also think it can be a little nerve racking at first because we are used to a certain routine or a certain expectation but I think the environment has felt very positive so far so i’m happy about that.“  Principal Fanfan may be new to our school this year, but we can expect great things to come from him. Our students and faculty can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. 

The New Principal



Our Journalism team interviewed Dr. FanFan to learn a little bit more about his background, his process, and his expectations for the year.

Rances Martinez and Jaidyn Edmonds.
Student Reflections

Students are feeling it too. We asked students to reflect on this year compared to the covid years – which impacted the student body profoundly here at North. Max Carabolla, a senior, told us “The year of covid we were online, so it made it more awkward to communicate with people. In person it gives a different vibe to the whole school experience, especially to those that are just coming into high school.” Covid impacted many students.

Ms. Lupafya and Mr. Cardin also both were feeling positively about the beginning of the year. Ms. Lupafya told us she was.. “ feeling very optimistic and very excited about all of the opportunities we are going to be able to offer students this year.” They are focusing on sharing more things out with the students on social media- as seen through the recent viral tiktok video during spirit week. Mr. Cardin is planning on “Being more visible, talking to more people figuring out what they need or what they want versus assuming what they need and want.” this should go a long way in helping North feel more connected and communal. 

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