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Early College, AP, and High Level Classes- Which are the Right Fit?

A quick interview with two students about their upper level classes at North High.
Rances Martinez
Amid and Jonathan
  • Jonathan Abarca (Rances Martinez )

    So far, how are you enjoying your AP course?

So far, I’m enjoying my AP class.

Please briefly describe what you are learning in your AP class.

What we are learning in AP class is various things like CER, (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning.) Intelligence of Ai. 

Why did you decide to enroll in an AP course?

I decided to enroll in an AP class because I felt like it was important for my education and currently liking it so far.

What study methods do you often use for your AP coursework and tests?

We are starting a new method to respond to essays, and that’s CER

How many hours do you usually dedicate weekly to preparing for your AP class?

On average, I spend 10-15 hours each week preparing for my AP class. Juggling this commitment with my part-time employment as a server at a senior home necessitates effective time management and prioritizing to guarantee that I can achieve academic requirements while also performing my professional commitments. I must strike the correct balance to flourish in both fields without being overwhelmed.

What kind of setting is there in your AP class?

It’s a comfortable, nice setting in the class.

Do your conversations and interactions with your classmates help you learn?

Without a doubt, my chats and interactions with students helped me navigate my AP class. coming together with peers allows everyone to share ideas, and clarification on complex topics, and the discussion of effective study practices. Furthermore, these encounters develop a sense of camaraderie while giving emotional support during difficult times, eventually contributing to a more holistic and influential high school experience.

Have you had any particular difficulties in your AP course? How did you get past them?

Yes, I have had difficulties in my AP class, I got past them by asking for help from my teacher.

How do you manage your time between other responsibilities and your AP class?

Managing time between my AP class and a part-time job requires drafting a thorough calendar with defined schedules for studying, work shifts, and personal activities. Prioritizing assignments based on dates and the significance of each commitment is critical to ensuring that I achieve academic obligations while also completing employment duties. Also, excellent communication with both my employer and teachers helps maintain a balance, allowing for modifications as needed and ensuring that I can successfully handle the demands of my AP class and part-time employment.

Are you mainly interested in or engaged with any particular area of the AP course?

Ai responses like ChatGpt and how they function and work.

How do you envision your AP class contributing to your academic and future goals?

Enrolling in an AP class not only challenges me intellectually but it also improves my critical thinking and analytical abilities, both of which are necessary for my future career as a therapist. The advanced training promotes a better grasp of human behavior and psychology, laying the groundwork for my chosen professional path. Furthermore, properly managing my coursework while working a part-time job indicates my ability to handle a variety of obligations, a skill set that will undoubtedly help to my academic and professional success.

Are you considering taking more AP classes in the future?

Yes I am considering taking more AP classes for next year, I feel like I’d enjoy it.

– Jonathan Abarca

Amid Montalvan

How have things been going so far in your college course?

This course has been intense since it started, but it is going very well overall. 

What made you enroll in this specific college-level course?

I enrolled in this course because, at the end of the year, when I pass this course, I will be getting six free credits for college. Also, I wanted to experience a college-level class.  

What is the workload like in your college-level course?  

My college-level English class is heavy and requires a regular commitment to reading, analysis, and writing tasks. The course covers a wide range of literary works and critical perspectives, necessitating a significant amount of time for complete study and meaningful replies. Workload balancing requires strategic preparation, emphasizing achieving deadlines and participating in meaningful discussions to fully comprehend the intricacies of the content.

What is your strategy for studying for a college-level course?A strategy I use to get work done is the first thing I do when I get home after school, which is to do any household chores. After that, I take a shower and eat something. After finishing all that, I finally sat down and worked on all my assignments, taking about two to three hours.

Have you come up with any successful study techniques that you find helpful?

Making short, handwritten summaries of essential topics after each class session is an efficient study approach. Furthermore, revisiting and evaluating oneself on the subject regularly with flashcards or practice problems improves long-term retention and knowledge.

What areas have you learned or developed since the beginning of the course?

I have thoroughly understood the subject matter during the course, particularly in areas such as critical thinking. Furthermore, dealing with complicated topics and tackling complex challenges has enhanced my critical thinking and analytical skills. Moreover, the course has instilled in me a tremendous respect for independent research and excellent time management, which have aided my overall academic development.

How do you manage your time between other responsibilities and your college-level course?

To balance my time, I create a weekly timetable that assigns specific course blocks, guaranteeing steady development. Prioritizing activities based on deadlines and reducing significant projects into smaller, achievable steps aids in maintaining a good balance between my academic duties and other commitments.

In what way does this university-level course align with your overall academic and professional objectives? 

While taking a college-level English course in high school may not appear directly relevant to nursing, it correlates with my academic and professional goals by refining critical communication skills. Nursing requires effective written and vocal communication for patient contacts, documentation, and coordination with healthcare teams. This English course not only improves my general academic profile but it also provides me with the necessary communication skills for success in my future nursing job.

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