How do students who work full time make it work in school?






Dishwasher Job Description: How to Become a Dishwasher

Do you know the key to having passing grades and having a full-time job? My name is Nathen and I’m a Student who attends North High School in Worcester MA, and also works at Chipotle. My scheduling day to day is when I wake up, go to school, then after school, I go straight to work. I’m currently in my senior year of high school and I find it more challenging to work now and go to school than in my past years in High School. My main focus is making sure I’m passing my two most important classes which I have no time for After School. I don’t get home from school till about 2:30 pm and leave around 3:30 pm to get to work by 4 pm. The only issue is I get out around 11 depending on the day. It’s an issue because by the time I get home it’s late and I won’t have enough sleep for school the next day. I have some pros and cons about my workplace but overall I enjoy it. Something else I come across at work is how underrated the material at work is, specifically washing dishes. Working as a dishwasher could be overwhelming; mostly because I’m messing with different chemicals and always getting cuts. 


Time management, lack of sleep, and motivation to go to school are some difficulties many go through working and going to school. Time management is an issue because many students who attend school work right after meaning other students don’t have time After School to do any academic work and if students aren’t able to do work after school it’s going to hurt their grades. Lack of sleep is a big issue because without sleep before school you’re going to be tired in class. This happens often because now students are working longer hours meaning they get home later than usual giving the student less time to rest up and re-energize their bodies. Motivation is an issue because now that students are getting more hours there making more money giving making them change their opinion on school.


There are many good jobs that give a reasonable amount of hours and pay but their not always the best option. In my previous job I wasn’t making as much money due to the hours, I was making. Before I was doing like 2 hours during school days and overall was making like 20 hours a week. That job was beneficial only because it gave me time to hang with friends or get stuff done. In my current job, I have now I work more hours meaning I don’t have the flexibility I did at my old job. If the is giving you a few hours during the week it’s good for students only because it gives them time to do personal things.


Students work for many reasons! Students work to get the newest essential item and others work to pay bills and survive day to day. I asked a fellow classmate why he works and goes to school. The response he gave me was “I work to make money, make my parents happy, to get his family out of the hood”.The response shows me that not only is he working to make money he’s working to make his parents proud and eventually move out away from poverty.