Why Teens Give Up During Senior Year.

Senioritis sufferers don’t want to go to school, study for tests, or do much of anything academic-related. And they surely don’t want to do much of anything for their parents.

Why Teens Give Up During Senior Year.

When teens get to their senior year they can be filled with so many emotions. We may feel excited, stressed, overwhelmed, hopeful, scared, and exhausted. There are so many big decisions for high school seniors, and planning what lies ahead for us is an almost full-grown kid and it can be exhausting. And sometimes, the weight of it all can be heavy and hard as we seniors are transformed into this almost adults. “Our society says that at this age, your legal status is solidified in the category of “adult”, but every single person (who was once 18) knows all 18-year-olds have a long way to go before they truly live like an adult.”Your still a kid.

      In many ways, we are still a kid. We shouldn’t have to feel all the Same pressure adults do. I don’t want us to constantly feel overwhelmed with all the demands that adults have. Especially this year because we have to worry about the college admissions process or applying to trade schools or figuring out future employment. There is a rush to complete senior-year assignments and secure final grades.

     There are looming deadlines, social events, photos, paperwork, and all of the other things that go along with this time. So by this whole year coming at full speed at once, we have a complete lack of motivation or desire to get all the things done that they need to complete before graduation. But we know that we need to get it done or we are not going to be where we want in life and that puts us in a hole. We have to worry about whether or not will have enough money to go to college or not.

  Don’t feel pressure to have it all figured out at the same time.  We are at the beginning of a new journey, and clearing a path and paving the way will take lots of time and lots of lessons, lots of mistakes, and lots of learning from those mistakes. It will take hard work and smart choices, for you are now at an age where the decisions you make can have serious repercussions. But it is what it is, so you must be sure to act wisely, even though you’re not yet wise.

  Teens that are seniors would have a case of senioritis. The symptoms of that can also include some negative factors, such as stress and anxiety, depression, and a feeling of hopelessness or despair. The “endings and transitions can be hard, and each person handles them differently.

Senioritis sufferers don’t want to go to school, study for tests, or do much of anything academic-related. And they surely don’t want to do much of anything for their parents. In fact, they might slack off in pretty much everything, have little energy, or have zero desire to finish their senior year strong.”

   From my personal experience from when I was a freshman to Junior, it was easy I didn’t have a lot of stress, nor that I feel constantly overwhelmed. Now that I am a senior I would constantly debate if I should go to school or not, I would feel lazy, and non-motivated to do the schoolwork because it’s the same thing I’ve been learning for the past 16 or 17 years. I am always consistently feeling overwhelmed because now I have to worry about college and trying to figure out how to pay for it and since I’m almost graduating, it’s tough not to just want to sit back and be lazy. 

Kids from NHS Experience Senioritis



What are some things that are helping you stay motivated this year?

Student 1:I have a long and tough journey ahead of me toward a law career. Every step that I take today determines my success. I can’t give up, I can’t fail, and I can’t stop moving forward.

Student 2: Realizing that I didn’t go to school all my life just to stop caring in my last year of high school.
Student 3: My mom yelling at me
Student 4:College, My future
Student 5: Graduation is a big motivation
Student 6:My phone
Student 7: Going to college, teachers
Student 8:certain individuals trying to keep me on track.
Student 9:wanting more for myself
Student 10:nothing
Student 11:my parents
Student 12:-Friends -Anxiety about failing
Student 13:One of the things that keeps me motivated this year is the internship I have for the second half of the year.

What are some things that are not helping you stay motivated during this year?

Student 1: I don’t have enough supports to help me through. Senior year is the most stressful year of high school especially if you lack a sound support system.

Student 2: Distractions and procrastination. Those are not valid excuses to not do your work or put in less effort. It’s just laziness and having successful friends by my side is a blessing knowing they will always motivate me.

Student 3: Some teachers don’t try and help kids when they have different learning requirements
Student 4: The overload of work, COllege
Student 5: Balancing work and school
Student 6: Teachers
Student 7: The school work, the waking up early. Feelings stress about being accepted to colleges
Student 8:the amount of work getting assigned every day
Student 9:seeing what the future holds for me
Student 10:school
Student 11:nothing
Student 12:-Anxiety of failing -Work piling up -Amount of effort needed
Student 13:Terrible sleep schedule, workload, and class schedule.

Do you feel more stressed and overwhelmed from when you were a freshman to now?

Student 1:I feel a bit overwhelmed by the college application process but it’s not as bad.
Student 2: Absolutely, the pressure of trying to improve my resume this year knowing I haven’t done anything impactful the past years is hitting hard. Trying to cram it all in one year while focusing on grades and work is overwhelming but everything will be done regardless.
Student 3: Yes because it feels like you have to be good enough
Student 4: Yes now it’s my make-or-break year
Student 5: Now as a senior I’m more stressed so much work and money to focus on
Student 6: Yes
Student 7:I feel more stressed because I know my high school year is coming to an end and keeping up with everything for college is very stressful.
Student 8:yes
Student 9:Yes, this year was truly an eye-opener with school, friendship overall growing as a person
Student 10:No
Student 11:yes so much stuff
Student 12:I would say my stress levels have stayed the same (high), but the stressors have changed

Student 13:I feel the same amount of stress from freshman year as I do now but there’s more pressure senior year with getting a job, license, a car, and preparing to go to college.

Teachers are constantly saying that we are adults at North High. do you feel like an adult or a kid? 

Student 1: I have been an adult for as long as I can remember. Not by age but by being forced to be independent at 15 I feel confident that I am an adult.
Student 2:I like to believe I am an adult. I’m mature and get everything done but in reality, I am still a child. Mentally I know I’m ready to handle everything but when it comes I will still stress even if I’m prepared.
Student 3: I still feel like a freshman because of Covid
Student 4: Have to act like an adult but still a teen
Student 5:I feel like a kid right now because I’m not as independent as an adult is
Student 6: Adult
Student 7:I feel like a kid we still haven’t even experienced adult problems yet. We don’t have as much responsibility as they do
Student 8:a little bit of both

Student 9:honestly, it depends on how I’m feeling sometimes I feel like an adult and a kid

Student 10:yes
Student 11:adult
Student 12:I feel like a kid
Student 13:I still like a kid because of the power we have outside of school we still need parental permission and the responsibilities we have at and outside of school.
What do these responses tell you about the current levels of motivation for seniors?

I got my responses from 13 seniors and include my experience about how to feel about this topic. I wanted to show adults what we are all trying to say because they were once in our shoes so they should definitely know how stressed and overwhelmed we feel with having to keep up our grades, study, figuring out which college we want to go to or if we want to go or not, trying to figure out a way to pay for college, and getting all that done within our whole senior year. This is our make-it-or-break-it year and we’re all just trying to pass with flying colors and to feel proud of ourselves so we are just trying to figure out our next path after high school.