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    College Protests Across The Nation

    An anti-Israeli demonstration encampment is seen at the Columbia University, Friday, April 26, 2024, in New York.

    Recently at College and University campuses Pro Palestinian protesters started swarming and camping outside of the campuses. From Columbia to the University of Michigan to Emory to UC Berkley to Brown and many more. Protesters are coming in waves day in and day out.



    There are many points of view to this situation one side thinks they’re making a difference, another thinks they’re being anti-Semitic, and another thinks they’re causing a disturbance. The reason for these protests is that the protesters themselves are trying to pressure the Biden Administration to stop funding Israel and what they believe is Genocide. While students on the campuses just want to learn and go to school peacefully.


    In my opinion, I believe that the conflict in the Lavant has been terrible, i want there to be peace but going out and supporting terrorism and being violent (like UCLA) is not a good way of going about it. We as Americans have the right to assemble peacefully and as long as no laws are being broken and no one is getting hurt, people should do whatever they want.

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