Pollution In Massachusetts

Pollution News in Massachusetts

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How bad is pollution in Massachusetts? Air pollution in Massachusetts is said to be responsible for 2,780 deaths in a year a lot of bay state kids exposed to fine particulate pollutants in the air they breathe, according to a new study by researchers at Boston College. The study is the first to examine far-reaching public health consequences of air pollution in the state on a town-by-town basis. (LINK TO STUDY OR ARTICLE) Air pollution’s deadly toll in Massachusetts (bc.edu)

In Massachusetts year 2019 there were 2 million people that died due to air pollution, there has been a lot of cases with 1,677 people with heart disease, 2,185 with lung cancer, 200 with strokes and 343 with chronic lung disease. because of how bad air pollution has gotten more people are in danger and are facing diseases or facing deaths.  See the source image

Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Trains are another reason for pollution to be worse because of how bad their chemicals are it seems to make the air pollution worse than before, if the pollution keeps getting worse and worse more deaths are going to happen and earth climate will be worse, less flowers will be in the world if the air pollution gets worse than it is right now.

what is people’s perspective about air pollution?

Many alarming students have been conducted by air quality testing platforms, time and again, signifying the risks air pollution poses to urban residents. right now, more young people are coming forward, saying their opinions demanding more actions. children right now are at a huge risk of several health problems during development, some of their problems include lung growth.

“Some fantastic work has been done over the past decade to improve air quality in our cities. Vehicle manufacturers have made some real progress with Euro VI standards. Sometimes interventions work well and have contributed to the lowering of emissions, sometimes we get them wrong. For example, European nations pushing diesel vehicles and the subsequent dieselgate crisis.”

Air pollution is behind the large asthma cases that develop during childhood, it has the tendency to stressful environments which are a key to cause mental health problems like depression and stress.

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