Judgment of those responsible for the Dead Sea incident

Jordanian girl Lamar al-Barmawy, a survivor of the Dead Sea tragedy, spoke of some terrifying details of what happened to them during the school trip swept away by floods in the Dead Sea that resulted in the death of 17 children.

“We went to Wadi al-Rayyan and there we swam, and suddenly it started raining, so we were going back on the bus,” Lamar said, “On our way I suddenly heard people screaming (wave. Wave), and hrased to climb to a mountainous area accompanied by some students and sports teacher Majd Al-Sharari.”

The girl said in her conversation that there were about 13 students with the teacher, who stayed about three hours watching the level of floods approach them.

She explained that the view was very scary, and that they were in a state of terror and could only pray to God to keep the floods away from them, before the civil defense men came to rescue them.

Asked about her return to school or wanting to rest for several days, she replied with anxy: “I don’t know what to do, all my friends are dead with whom will I stay in my classroom (sixth grade).”

From her tour, Majdal Majd Al-Sharari said in an interview with “Kingdom” channel that after four hours of the trip, the weather began to change and the rained to rain, which necessitated the suspension of the flight and return to Amman.

She continued: “I was among the first regiment that moved back and because of the slopes and speed of walking, the regiment lost each other, so the guide asked to stop until everyone arrived, but he hardly continued his words until they were raided by the torrent.”

She watched her students drown

According to the “Ammon Agency”, Al-Sharari explained that the water level and mud rose, and that they tried to stay away from it, but some students were walking in the river and pulled by the torrent, and that the water level was rising half a meter every 30 seconds, and explained that the torrent was high, and she had 13 students and

“The team managed to reach an elevated mountainous area, but the rocks were disappearing as the water level rose, and they stayed that way for about 3 hours until the torrent seemed to stop and prove its level,” Al-Sharari noted.

The teacher pointed out that in the midst of flood frenzy, she watched her students drift down the mountain, while her students were beg, and they were unable to contact the civil defense because the tour guides gave instructions not to carry anything with them, so they did not have their phones or any means of communication.

“We were waiting for the torrent to stop, and until evening we saw someone, and tried to help us, but it did not succeed and then disappeared, and then the members of the Civil Defense arrived in the area, and they were about 25 people, and they tried to climb and managed to reach where we were and saved us on their shoulders one by one,” the teacher  “The area was very dangerous, and the tourist guide that accompanied us was an expert, but he died in the torrent drift,” she concluded.

The Amman Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced the principal of the school and the owner of the tourism company responsible for organizing the trip to three years in prison after they were convicted of negligence that led to death to the court acquitted the owner of the school, and declared three female employees of the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

The families of the victims called on the court to review the case, bearing the greatest responsibility for the ministries of education and tourism as the authorities concerned with issuing permits for school trips, stressing that they continue to demand the rights of their children.