How important is your phone?

Technology has improved a lot in the past few years. Cell phones are used in our everyday lives for productive and entertainment purposes, but having such easy access to that technology affects people’s daily lives in work, school, and social environments. Technology has improved to be able to do challenging and easy work for you with just one click such as grocery shopping or fixing a broken device using a youtube video as a guide. Social media makes people of any age clued to their phones for hours and hours on end just watching and interacting with other people on social media. 


Daily use of social media is greatly impacting our everyday lives. The recommended time to be on screen is two hours per day and people in the 21st century use their phones for five hours or more. Social media and streaming services skyrocketed when covid 19 hit back in 2020, people were on lockdown and how else to entertain themselves than to be on their screens?. Since covid people are even more active on social media creating and uploading content to share important information or to just entertain their followers. 

School and Jobs

Social media is a gate to learning useful information and for entertainment if used properly. People are overflowing with dopamine by being on their screens more than the recommended time affecting their school and work life.  Phones can be beneficial to the workforce since they make the workers interact easily with their clients and get quick updates by text or email decreasing misunderstanding and lack of information. But it can also be easily a distraction if the person has an unhealthy habit of using their phone.

The rise of discipline removal caused by students excessively using their cell phones during learning in the classroom is causing a shift in learning. Teachers don’t know how to manage their students to pay attention to the class and students aren’t properly doing their given assignments due to a lack of motivation or disinterest in the topic. Social Media has a greater impact on young kids and teenagers because they are easily influenced by something that gives them enough interest for them to do it themselves, such as doing TikTok dances or uploading funny memes. 

Relationships with friends and family

It’s easy to communicate with loved ones even when they are far by using a phone. Long-distance relationships and friendships are possible with the technology we have today. Kids can communicate with their friends and play games with them using the screen. Parents who aren’t paying attention to their child’s screen time often complain about why their kids aren’t interacting with them. Limiting our screen time is fundamental because it can create memories but it can also take them away from us. 

Having a dopamine detox can greatly benefit people since technology is such a big part of our generation. Having a moment with oneself with no electronic distractions can benefit one’s mental health and productivity. It can also make deeper connections and interactions with the ones we care about.